What Can I expect In My First Session?

Coming to talk to someone about your most personal thoughts and feelings can be very frightening. 

Your counsellor will understand this.

Remember this is your first step in achieving your own personal goals. Many clients feel a sense of relief after their first session. This is because the initial nervousness of the unknown has gone or because a weight has been lifted by beginning the process that will hopefully lead to a more fulfilling life...

There are times when we all need help with life's challenges. I can offer you a space to reflect and think in the hope that this will lead to a better understanding, self awareness and change. We are all responsible for our own lives and I believe it is possible to move from feeling out of control and driven to repeat unhelpful or even destructive patterns to a place of making choices.

I am an experienced personal therapist offering brief or long term face to face counselling. My practice offers a conveniently located confidential place to work through the consistent issues that can get in the way of living life and pursuing goals. I work collaboratively with you to help you become aware of what holds you back and to manage these obstacles more effectively.

I welcome clients with a range of personal difficulties. For some, issues with stress, low self-confidence, relationships, work or the cause of daily distress. For others, it can be addiction, bereavement, sexual issues or trauma that negatively affects daily life. I have experience working with all of the above and more.

We share the tendency to use our inner strength to push unwanted thoughts and emotions away. This can be a temporary solution. However, the more we push them away, the more unmanageable they can become in the long run. I use an insightful approach to help understand and work through thoughts and emotions, for a lasting solution.

The purpose of the initial consultation is to see how well we work together. It is an opportunity to explore the areas for which you seek personal therapy. I will further discuss confidentiality and address any questions you may have. You and I will then decide if my personal therapy practice is right for you and if so, schedule our individual sessions.

I provide affordable, confidential psychotherapy and counselling in Poole, Bournemouth, Ringwood and the New Forest area.

All of us face challenges in our lives and at times these challenges may feel overwhelming or too difficult to cope with. The way I work is conversational and supportive, I provide a confidential and accepting place to help you manage and explore whatever you are going through.

Psychotherapy can help us to understand and gain awareness of ourselves and our behaviour patterns, allowing us to take control or our lives and have choices about what we do and how we do it. We can become conscious of how we respond to and express different emotions, how we communicate, how we form and maintain relationships or how we manage conflict and therefore we can develop the capacity to change things for the better.